Comment: One correction if you don't mind.

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One correction if you don't mind.

Inalienable should be "unalienable." There is quite the difference between the two (not in Websters) if you pick up a court dictionary (Black's Law Dictionary). You find that "inalienable rights" are ones which you can consent to give away.

Unalienable rights can only be temporarily waived... they can never be taken away (lawfully speaking of course - any jack-booted thug can take them by force).

As a side-note... Do cops ENJOY being called "jack-booted thugs" and venomously HATED by their neighbors? Just wondering... (it's REALLY difficult for me to hate anyone but I actually think I've built up a pretty healthy hatred for "cops" - I should instead hate their training however... and whoever wrote the training manuals... I guess I'm only human.)