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You are, then, a collectivizer--

a person who claims that each person is the group?

I wasn't, yet, voting age when JFK died.

I think you are an idealist, a theorist.

I appreciate idealists, and I used to be one. I'm old and tired, and I've given up. But I am not my group. I refuse to accept your definitions. The people in *my* group (whatever group that is) live very differently from me.

I guess that because we can't agree on definitions we won't be able to agree.

I do believe in individual agency or in what some might call 'free' will--

it may not always seem free, but if I can keep my own thoughts and make my own choices, even if I have a narrow space in which to do it, then I am free.

If that is a threat to you, I am sorry. But I refuse to live as a collective. I realize that I am a certain age; I realize that the world/society around me has a HUGE impact on my life--

but I am not the group. I don't accept that.

From a Christian perspective I don't accept that. God looks into the individual heart; do you think He seems *us* all as a group or as individuals?

Righteous people have always made a difference; those who make choices different from the group have always been beloved of God.


maybe we are saying the same thing, but I don't think so. Your comments on another thread about 'cancer' and the 'cancer' needing to be removed--

in my case I wouldn't have a cancer removed if I knew I had one--

I would make the rest of my body stronger to push out the cancer. That is how I am trying to live, and I refuse to accept blame for what happened to JFK or for what is happening in the world now.

Because, FreedomsReigning, I ask myself every day, "if every person in the world acted today as *I* am acting today, what kind of a world would it be?"

I keep the Ten Commandments, and every day I go over the commands Jesus gave--

first, love the Lord thy God--

second, thy neighbor as thyself--

every day--

and I keep the line open to Him.

Because of that . . . I am not responsible for the banker bailouts (and, yes, I made my views known on that to my representatives), for the wars in the middle east--


I do everything I can to feed the homeless in my community; I do everything I can to alleviate suffering wherever I find it, even if I don't have very much myself.

That's all I can do. I refuse to accept blame for what others are doing. If I accepted blame for all the things you want me to accept blame for . . . I would die from sheer despair. And, yes, I know I am a flawed human. Every day I ask for God to forgive me for my humanity and for my many weaknesses.

But that mentality, that attitude of "we got ourselves here" is wrong-headed, and I won't accept it.

My great grandparents may or may not have been aware of what the Federal Reserve was all about when it came into existence during their lives (my grandparents were also all alive at that point, some of them adults)--

but they lived good lives, and if everyone had lived as they were living--

we wouldn't be in the mess *we* are in today.

Since we can't agree that collectivizing is part of the problem, I guess we won't agree.

Oh, since you believe in the bible, do you blame Isaiah and Jeremiah for what 'the people' did? They didn't agree with the people, and they lived their own lives circumspectly; do you blame them, since they were there in those crooked times?

There have always been those who have tried to live separately, who have refused to participate in the decadence of their times--

I cannot change my neighbor. I cannot force my fellow Americans to see the truth--

so that makes me part of the problem?

I don't believe in force; I don't believe in violence, so I guess there is nothing more I can say.

I wish you the best in your journey.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--