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Thanks for responding

If readers are anything like me, they're eager to refine their views and are completely open to polite challenges. I agree that "hope" is not a replacement for action, so I made sure to say "hope and trying..." because effort IS required; hope alone will change nothing.

I really don't disagree with anything you've said here. At home, we're basically following your action plan. In fact, our last public presentation was on Agenda 21, but our gardening skills still suck. For now, we're keeping our Republican and Democrat affiliations so we have the option to run/vote for local offices/councils, but we would prefer to switch to Libertarian like you.

I've gone through a similar political change as you have, and knowing how far I've come the last few years gives me more than just hope that many more will follow. Thank you for your efforts; I know it's making a difference.

If I have to disagree with anything, it's that I believe national voices (Napolitano, Jerry Doyle, Rand and of course Ron) can reach people more effectively than I can, and the way McCain and Graham are attacking Rand as a wacko (sounds familiar) increases my trust in him.

Once people start looking, they're going to find those voices that you appreciate just as Beck got me started. I don't think Rand is top-down. I mean, a bottom-up solution eventually reaches the top, right?