Comment: My garden is contrary so far

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My garden is contrary so far

The weathe rhas been far from agreeable for the last few weeks. I do have winter potatoes planted in the hoophouse, and lettuce and spinach in a raised bed in the hoophouse under a second cover. The sun is really starting to get strong during the days (when it has stopped snowing long enough for the sun to shine)and the hoophouse is reaching nice warm summer like temps in the daytime, but nighttime temps are still falling into the low teens so too cold for even hardy seedlings I think. Those seedlings are still on the living room mantle under a grow light, as are the peppers and tomatoes. The summer crops I need to repot into larger pots, but I do not have space in the house, and as before it is really too cold to put them in the four season greenhouse off the garage since the heat there is a wood stove and I am wary of forgettign the stove and losing my plants. At any rate the forecast says the weather is about to improve, and high temps should soon be close to normals rather than 10-15 degrees low as they have been for the last month here in northern Illinois. Strange to think that this time last year we were having a very warm early spring, and I was already planting the tomatoes in the hoophouse beds, this year I might not get them out until the middle of April. On the plus side, my improvised gutter watering system is performing well (it collects water runnign off the hoophouse and redirects it to the raised beds inside the hoophouse) and it seems that will cut down on my watering chores and the water bill quite a bit this year.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois