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Started Seeds!

Just started the seeds fishy! Started them indoors under florescent light. I have 21 tomatoes pushing through. 7 Black Krim, 7 Heirloom varietals, and 7 Cherokee Purples.

I also have some hot peppers which germinated in under their specified times. That made me real happy. I have 5 jalepenos, 5 habeneros, and 5 thai pepper. Also germinated some melons, and swiss chard, and some pickling cukes.

For the past few years, I'd always subject myself to spending money at a nursery. I'd come away with maybe $200 worth of seedlings. It always seemed tough on them acclimating from the greenhouse to a hot, dry colorado summer. I'd end up losing about $50 on the transplant or some freak frost in June. Those days are over.

I used Colorado's grow stores where I can buy simple compact florescent and grow all year round. The plan is to grow in my front yard. Hoping to make it look artistic and pleasing to the eye, yet affordable.

In the back yard, I'd like to have many different garden locations to suit Colorado's microclimate in my back yard. I'd like to one day work my way into an aquaponics system. Perhaps when I have that greenhouse. Just the other day, I was thinking couldn't this be done with like a coy fish pond or something of that nature; or do you have to keep the fish in a separate tank for ease of fertilization.

At the moment, I now have to transplant all those seedlings. I've waited as long as I can wait. That's what gardening teaches me. You can't be lazy. You can only procrastinate up to a point, until it manifests into laziness. There is no room for laziness in gardening. But, I'm with you on the Harvest. I at times dread the harvest. It's weird- you anticipate and look forward to the bounty and your reward, but sometimes when you are doing it by yourself it's overwhelming.

I'm looking to you to give me some ideas. Keep up the good work. Happy Gardening!

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