Comment: We were all plopped into a

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We were all plopped into a

We were all plopped into a world with no laws beyond physics. Where we are at now is a direct result of that. What we have now is the natural result of anarchy.

I place too high a value on liberty to allow people to take it away completely unhindered.

I also reject the idea that initiation of violence is necessary in order to enforce a rule of law. This is a very popular, but completely baseless assertion. Just because there are problems with our current system does not mean that all of those problems are inherent to any system of government.

The image of anarchy is not pure propaganda. Several states HAVE tried it. It doesn't work. You act like I have to prove this, but I don't. Somolia exists. YOU have to prove it CAN work, not only because you are the one making a claim contrary to popular belief, but also because the concept of disproving is an impossibility, and that's WHY we put the burden of proof on te plaintiff. YOU are the one who needs to demonstrate that it can work.