Comment: Any animal that rolls in the mud gets dirty

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Any animal that rolls in the mud gets dirty

You are far too naive. There is no victory through the system, it is just not possible. The system has been locked up for a long, long time.

No one can win without the support of the traditional media, which is entirely owned by them.

Their public school system has had access to the majority of young Americans since 1910.

The elite of both parties are made up of globalists.

They have the Federal Reserve system, with which they could crush the US economy in an instant.

They own the Supreme Court of the US, as evidenced by the Obamacare decision.

They control all of the behind the scenes, alphabet soup agencies. CIA NSA FBI etc.

They have majority stake in (through government funds), and alliances with, all of the major corporations.

They control the political process completely. Now with their electronic voting machines, it doesn't even matter how people vote.

The sum of all this is pretty conclusive. What's more, Granger, there are so many false truths that they have purposely spread, that the liberty movement accepts, that even if Ron Paul had won in 2008, or 2012, the United States, as we know it, would be just as doomed.