Comment: No reason to throw your hands up and run away

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No reason to throw your hands up and run away

I've been a political activist since 1972, have tons of experience as grassroots and now, thanks to Ron Paul, am enjoying the benefots of a large party, that has lost it's way, and am happy to help it find it's way back to constitutional government. It is a solution, and though you witness it as futile, that is not my experience.

Rand has support of the media, so does Cruz, and as we continue to win some battles, so will we. I look forward to seeing how media feels about our GOP PEACE floats in local parades.

Yes, the public Schiil system has it's faults and thank goodness charter schools are regaining in popularity.

Yes, the elite of ALL parties have the hands of a globalist in or on them somewhere.. so? That is how the parties lost their way.

The Federal Reserve System has all of us.

The Court system and all the alphabets are also controlled by the federal reserve and their global peers.. all the more reason to get involved and fight.

Yes, the global corporations and federal reserve bank are controlling the USA through investments with the MIC, and many see this as a pending crash, and so who will be there? We will, because this rEVOLution was not born out of hate or fear, but LOVE of God, neighbor and country.

If I had not joined the GOP, or taken an office on the committee, or worked to install LIBERTY into the CA GOP, perhaps it would be because I felt the way you do. But because, unlike you, I decided to take Ron paul up on his invitation to join the GOP and become a national delegate, I see that the new blood in the GOP.. the Ron Paul Republicans like me, are making a difference.. we fight, and though we have lost some battles, we are not stopping, but multiplying, and enjoying each other's company at the conventions, and net working and passing around ideas and solutions.

The tea party is freaking out the way the GOP is doing to them what they did to us.. and some would rather leave the party than join us.. and some are joining us rather than leave, because the party has power to change things, and Rand is doing that, and we are doing that, and while it may not suit you what battles we win and lose and you do not appreciate our fight for your own apathy, I witness that we are the future. Where does that leave you? Certainly not a vulture delighting in carcuses?