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I'm in AZ and I've never voted for McCain

I'm in AZ and I've never voted for McCain. Nobody likes him. Even the neocons and teaocons who love war more than life itself, hate him due to his policies on the border and immigration. I think the system his rigged to keep him in place no matter how we vote. That said, we really need someone good to challenge him. JD Hayworth challenged him last time. But he is a neocon who tried to reinvent himself as a tea partier. On top of that, he had been the congressman for my district and everyone hated him because he was an arrogant, ex-sportscaster of a neocon and was voted out of office. So we need a genuine liberty candidate.

It seems to be similar with Graham. He has been censured by the SC GOP and they don't seem to like his effeminate self, but he seems to be entrenched one way or another.

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