Comment: Gonna try tomatoes from seed

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Gonna try tomatoes from seed

this year. Need more disease tolerant plants.

Sprouts have just started poking their heads through...

Hopefully I will have some decent plants by May.

Snow peas are coming up in the garden. Gonna plant some spinach and brocolli this weekend.

Best part of it all is that my 17 yo son loves gardening along with me. He's such a great kid.

So --> very Merry.

PS. regarding damping off...have you tried bottom watering (wicking water through holes in the bottom of your seed tray by setting tray in a pan of water for about 20 minutes? I'm gonna try that when the seedlings are ready for lights.

And deer...grrr...fence around veggies but they ruined my Golden Euonymus' along the driveway.

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