Comment: Just read some of the comments here...

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Just read some of the comments here...

I love a good debate, but, honestly, right now I'm not in the mood. I do think there are a lot of libertarians that need to do further research and thinking on this topic. The fact is that anarchy HAS worked (to great effect, and in some cases for hundreds of years) in the past. But even if that were not the case, the bottom line for me is that the state is illegitimate. Where does it get its authority? I can go buy a metal badge and wear it around; it doesn't give me any magical powers. I could also have my friends vote me the president of my own society; THAT doesn't give me any authority to steal from or hurt other people either. The state claims authority simply because it says so. That is not legit.

I accept that minarchists, constitutionalists, and libertarians in general are on the same side as me.

For those who disagree with the voluntaryist attitude, I can only suggest the writings I've read, which include Rothbard, Chodorov, Dr. Paul (who has had a BIG, BIG hand in shaping my opinion of voluntaryism), Robert P. Murphy (especially "Chaos Theory"), Lew Rockwell, and even Mises. No one can say for sure, but I think if Mises had hung around with Rothbard long enough, he would have taken on his opinions, too.

For me, voluntaryism was a logical conclusion. And I have no problem with the word anarchy. I'm sick of governments twisting words to lead us to believe they mean something they don't.