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Some comments...

1) outstanding job by Rand, I'm sure Ron and Carol are extremely proud;

2) Rand Paul would not be able to get the nomination in 2016 from the "old GOP". Fortunately many of us have joined the GOP and have already secured seats at the precinct, county, district, state, or national levels. These activities will continue through 2016. So by 2016 we will be the "new GOP" and we'll be able to ensure that the Party embraces Rand and the message of Liberty with open arms. Conversely, we will reject outright any candidate who is neocon.

3) Who knows what other Liberty-friendly topics Rand has up his sleeve to push between now and 2016. Certainly, given the tremendous overwhelming public support for his filibuster, he now commands huge respect and has huge political capital to spend. My guess is, this filibuster represents the start of a series of discussions Rand will lead on any number of Liberty topics.

4) Bandwagon is huge in politics. Who knows what other politicians are going to step up and join Rand, trying to ride his Liberty coat tails. Other politicians joining Rand will compound the message of Liberty and reenforce the "new GOP", while minimizing the old guard neocons like McCain.

5) I bet Sarah Palin will come out strongly in favor of Rand and this message. You betcha'.

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