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Ben is all wet

It is indicative of the nature of the beast to be so powerfully destructive that the infections of falsehood infect those who prop themselves up as authorities of the truth.

I am not one.

I do not claim to be an authority. My observation is offered competitively. Each individual must be their own authority.

Stopping the "Reality Check" at time 1:32

One Step at a time: what is Quantitative Easing...

A competitive explanation can be offered, to think otherwise, to censor any other competitive explanation, is a example of how the problem becomes a problem: monopoly.

So as a reality check on the reality check I offer.

Quantitative easing is in one word Monopoly.

Monopoly cannot exist if there is competition.

No one else, no single person, or no group of people, on the planet Earth, can write themselves a check for as much money as everyone else combined, and then spend that check without being guilty of counterfeiting...and here is the important part...according to the Monopoly Authorities.

Who are the Monopoly Authorities?

You listen to one of them, his name is Ben Swan, and another one, if you look close enough, is in the mirror.

Monopoly of this type, this Quantitative Easing type, is naked fraud, made legal, and naked extortion made legal.

The names thrown around are false on purpose, also known as fraud.

Why repeat the false names?

Reality failed, measurably, and accountable to Ben Swan, and all those who have a vested interest in actually holding each other to a true account, so no, competitively speaking, the Reality Check here, is no such thing, it is more of the same false fronts covering up the naked crimes made legal by the false authorities, from Ben Bernanke, UP to Ben Swan, and on UP to the people who look carefully in the mirror for the facts.

Just the facts mam, as Joe Friday was once demanding on Dragnet.

Quantitative Easing is a crime in progress, the crime is discoverable as treason, as the fraud money constitutes a loan taken out against The Good Faith and Credit of the American PRODUCTIVE people, and the borrowers like Ben Bernanke, and his ilk, his Cabal of criminals, are buying World War III, they are buying torture made legal on your dimes, and they are buying a HELL of a lot of Serial Killing on your dimes, and their number includes so many pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths, rapists, torturers, and serial killers, that the lists of their victims flow into their graves so fast the established, authoritative, methods of documenting those deaths are set aside in favor of "good enough for government work" examples like these:

Look at the evidence, see for yourself, know exactly what you are buying when you loan your earnings to people who then claim that you are borrowing from them, and they charge you interest on the debt that they create as they spend your power on destroying anyone who dares to compete with their monopoly POWER.

You are in line, no need to get in line, you are in line, and this line goes to HELL.

Good luck.