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Comment: Look man...

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Look man...

I'm not saying I either completely support or reject Bitcoin....but to call his stance on BC "propaganda" simply because he doesn't agree with so dogmatic as to be altruistic.

We believe in FREE markets, and what makes a free market? Varying opinions.

This opinion isn't one you share, but is a valuable part of the "price discovery mechanism" both on Bitcoins, but more importantly....on the very value of ideas in general.

Yes, disagree with him, but he's not a part of any to call his disagreement and argument 'propaganda' is intellectually dishonest.

I agree we should stop using dollars, but to suggest that BC is the only effective way we can do that does not comport with Ron Paul's and Hayek's great idea of "Competitive currencies". I respect that BC is the right alternative for you....for me, it's silver. I'd be neat to have the same respect shown in return.