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While I understand where you're coming from -

Simply getting the job done, doesn't necessarily make it right. Rand may very well accomplish things his father couldn't, as in the presidency, but that had A LOT to do with MSM, CORRUPTION, and BLATANT ELECTORAL FRAUD throughout the primaries. Not to mention that the GOP's poster boy had already been cherry picked before the primaries, and most suspect since 2007 when he dropped out to McCain. Nothing at all to do with the person.

As much as I hate to down vote, it's a down vote from me as well. If the title was different, I would still have disagreed, but not down voted the thread.

Your title implies that one man is better than the other. While Rand may be able to bring more people in to the liberty movement, he's having A LOT of help from those that I mentioned above that detracted his father. Glen Beck alone - love him or hate him - is getting people to AT LEAST look at Rand.

As others have pointed out, your title sucks.