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Don't downvote!!

To recap the OP:

Ron was never able to get media support, while Rand has. The OP isn't saying Rand is truer or a more powerful speaker. They are simply saying Rand accomplished a great hurdle Ron was never able to leap, due to his reputation and incredible ability to lead.

Personally, I think Rand has consistently done a great job on MANY issues I hold dear, while failing on a few. Regardless of who is praising him, I am grateful for the media exposure. Remember folks, media is ALL ABOUT EXPOSURE and the masses hearing ideas repeated over and over. If the masses come to believe Rand is a more down-to-earth candidate than Hillary come 2016, we will have ourselves a winner. And even if as president, Rand pushes 3 out of 10 very very important issues, it will be a victory because right now we are losing on every single front.

The fight will never end, all we can ever do is fight for improvement.