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Thanks Treg,..

I changed my handle. Finally went looking for how to get rid of that silly one. :)

I have not read the book, but I Agree I should. It is on my list. I have heard his TED talk, and here are my thoughts.

1. If a gang of bullies in the playground threaten to beat a weakling for his lunch money and the kid gives his lunch money was he not a victim of violence? Even though no blood was spilled?

Does Pinkers statistics take into account the threat of violence that we are subject to every single day from a militarily superior gang of bullies(government). Add that at of violence into the equation and see what happens to his statistic?

If we went stateless,and violence by his statistic increased 1 million fold, it would still not surpass the invisible violence of every act of taxation.

2. I would expect violence to reduce over time as we become more enlightened. It's hard to undo knowledge, although government has shown it is possible. As man matures, and builds upon his philosophical understandings you would expect violence to reduce. Also as technology creates greater productivity, and its easier and easier for the average mane to take care of the basics of life I would expect violence to reduce.
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