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War on Liberty

I did not realize the weekly shows were still going. I just listened to this weeks. I have questions. Probably Numbers 2 & 4 below are the most pressing on my mind.

1) People think I am crazy when I say cell phones can hear us and computers can see us. I hear you saying the same thing on the air. One thing. I have my cam covered with tape on my notebook...but what I wonder is if they really have to use the cam to see. How do you know the whole screen isn't a reverse camera...flat screen TV's as well?

2) I am concerned that Rand Paul has made it OK to drop drones on US Citizens as long as they are "combatants" or are "imminent threats." Who is talking about the collateral damage caused by hellfire missiles? Rand Paul didn’t say NO DRONES in the US. He, Rand, set up the rules for engagement from my standpoint. If I am wrong on these thoughts, I would like to be corrected. He even said that the Times Square Bomber could have been droned. What about the rest of the people in Times Square? Since when are we going to bomb America?

3) I filed my MO Sales Tax and I just got a notice saying they didn’t receive my Jan 30 filing. It scares me because I think I am on some kind of list…I have Ron Paul bumper stickers on our cars, still, as well as pro-life stickers. I have written Vickey Hartzler, my state rep and MO Senators Carnahan and Blunt multiple liberty themed letters as well as posted one of the letters in the local paper. Vickey Hartzler’s office has even called me. They told me something to the effect to feel free to “reach out to them” and it seemed more like I was going to need to reach out to them. It did not sound like it was in the vein of addressing my concerns to them. That comment has stuck with me. Would the DOR single "dissidents" out to hassle them?

4) If they are trying to make people take up arms…what then? That scares me too, especially since Rand has publically made it OK to drop hellfire missiles on US Citizens on American soil (and that doesn’t include the foreign soil argument, which is deeper into the can of worms) as long as they are deemed imminent threats/combatants.