Comment: On the newsletters, Cenk

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On the newsletters, Cenk

On the newsletters, Cenk specifically attacked Ron Paul for not defending himself better. Ron Paul tried to treat it as a non-issue, and Cenk considered that unacceptable.

Basically, Cenk's points were that:

1) The newsletters were terrible, while Ron Paul seemed to shrug them off.

2) Ron Paul blamed the media for going after him, even though the media would have roasted ANY politician who had the same history.

3) Cenk showed video of Ron Paul in the 80s attacking racist policies, and then basically asked the question "why do I have to look up reasons why Ron Paul isn't a racist? He should be presenting this evidence to me! The fact that he seems to think the newsletters are no big issue makes it so damning, even though all these quotes we have suggest he isn't racist".

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