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If the murder does not volunteer to the punishment....

he will be outcast.

For example as a road owner, grocery storeowner or park owner for example, anyone wishing to use your property would have to abide by your rules and you may even charge for these services directly to the customer.

Therefore in order to use your property you would require that each individual has DRO insurance. Do you want a vigilante coming into your shop or on your road? If a person does not have DRO insurance they would be cut off from society.

If a person murdered someone, then had the DRO come to them and say, "AS you may recall at your hearing, you were found guilty, we paid the families victims on your behalf. You are now indebted to us as per the terms of your contract with us. You can now follow me to your labor camp, where you can work off the debt you owe us over 20 years, or we can cancel your policy. The consequences of having your policy cancelled for failure to pay a debt to your DRO means that no other widely accepted DRO will take you on as a customer. as a result you will be ostracized from all economic activity. The moment you leave your house you will be guilty of trespassing. No other person will interact with you economically, you will be forced to steal to survive, and probably be shot by the end of week by someone protecting their property. What would you like to do?

Something like that. :)
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