Comment: I remember when I was young and . . .

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I remember when I was young and . . .

reading history; it seemed that it was always about oppression, and some brave person (Robin Hood, who isn't history, but just as well be)--

would come along and pull the rag tags together--

and fight against injustice, and I can remember thinking, "I hope I'm always on the side of right"--


"I would do this or that"--

and then I grew up and realized I was one of billions of humans on the earth--

so I've tried to be on the 'side of right' on a more personal level--

one person at a time--

it's a hard world--

life is hard, isn't it?

As a Christian, when I hear people say, "where is God if He would allow such a terrible world?"--

I answer to myself, "this is the ultimate test of the character of the children God sent to this place--to put those children into the most difficult of circumstances, where their mettle is tested."--

Sometimes the battle gets old.

I know that there are those who think *we* have it easy; I know that growing up in America after WWII I had the best of what can be had in the world--

but I also had the best brainwashing that can be had! LOL!

And then waking up is a painful experience, even if one begins the process while still young--

those of *us* who have been given the best (of everything) have the best to give--

(that sounded trite; sorry)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--