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Granger -- yes he did strike gold as you say...

the Zigging and Zagging is about Rand's strategy/style of advancing liberty. It is not as straight forward as is Dr. Ron Paul's, a strategy that "runs a straight line" and does not care if he is the lone vote on any issue. That STRAIGHT LINE-LONE VOTE strategy of our loved Ron Paul, is clearly not his son's strategy. As I said, Rand's strategy is to make the argument for liberty (Zig) and if the votes are not there, (Zag) back under the GOP tent to claim that he is a "team player". Fair enough. Notice that he did just that with the Brennan vote. He zigged for liberty during his filibuster, but Zagged back to vote for the rest who all know very clearly that Brennan is no friend of Liberty. A doctor Ron Paul, would vote NO to Brennan and not care a hoot that he was the lone NO vote. While we admire Dr Ron Paul for that kind of straight-down-the-line-liberty-voting-record, don't expect to make much sense out of Rand's voting record.

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