Comment: How many Americans (on US soil and without due process)

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How many Americans (on US soil and without due process)

have been killed by Drones?

There are 540 Americans killed without due-process, per year, by police officers -- by guns.

About 60 of these (per year) are "bad" shootings (where the cop was essentially assassinating the individual).

These numbers do not include being struck by police-officer vehicles, death by stun gun, bludgeoned, or stabbed. Gun shoots would account for 95% of all death-by-cop (without due process) "murders"

There are 310M Civilians and 1M cops (only 300,000 or so of these interact with civilians).

How many Drones do we have and how long before there are more Drones then there are cops -- realistically?

How many more murders by Drones will we face per year? Projected? Where do these numbers come from?

What will kill more people per year -- bad diet, FDA drugs, chemtrails, aspirin, domestic violence, or cop assassinations (approx 60 per year)?

If there were a million drones in the sky -- death by accident would probably be higher than actual death by assassination.

Drones will not be out on patrol -- they'd be used tactically.

I will not leave the house today with death-by-drone weighing heaviest on my mind, hahahahaha.

Drone-Spying is NOT the most pragmatic form of spying -- there are 310M people for god-sake!!!!

Maybe in 200 years or 100 years -- but by then people will (by their own accord) have their entire lives on Facebook.

Our spending/consumptive habits -- our love of tech, is what's ushering in the all-seeing-eye (it's hard wired into our social philosophy that if someone is watching someone might save us or love us or help us or entertain us -- we purchase the tech that will make one-world-surveillance possible -- your using it right now).

We are Complicit

We are the Borg