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He was faithful waterboy to the Bush talking points

wasn't he? So.... whose hand is up the Rush puppet these days? Or did Rush actually have some "Come to Jesus" moment...? Rush does not really strike me as a go to Jesus kind of guy, but maybe I am too cynical. It happens when you are cynical and right, over and over...
The media attempts to FORM our opinions for us. We had the gall to form opinions of our own. They are trying to come just far enough to "our side" to drag us back to theirs. Exhibit A: Rand gave implied approval for the use of drones on non-Americans any where in the world, and for Americans anywhere outside the US, and for Americans in the US engaged in non-defined "combat."
When I joined this effort in 2007, we were pretty much against the war. They have managed to drive a wedge between us, now some of us are against the war but some of us are OK with the drones as long as Obama (who NEVER lies) promises not to drone us personally.
It looks to me like Rush works for the warmongers, and is getting his "in" with the remnant of peace lovers to get them behind "a little" war.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.