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Comment: Let's keep this attack up!

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Let's keep this attack up!

We need to identify the other neocons and mount attacks on them as well. If they refuse to unite behind us, they must go. The party is moving in our direction and anyone in the party that call us wacko, crazy, un-American, and other negative comments of the like must go. We can't let up or these @ssholes are going to cost us at the next election. We need to start identifying replacements for all of these bastards and ensure we begin the ground work to get these replacements on the ballots for the primaries. I think looking into the liberty delegates from the last convention is probably the best place to start. We need to organize, work together, and get this party started. 2014 is right around the corner. We need to get rid of these guys then so that they can't f things up for us in 2016.