Comment: um... people don't usually ask THAT particular question.

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um... people don't usually ask THAT particular question.

the question is usually, "why is it illegal to say you want to do it?, write about doing it or saying that someone else should do it, etc... " not actually DOING it... obviously killing people is illegal...

people talk trash all the time... just because people say something or say they are going to do something doesn't make it true. if it did, we'd have no problems today and i'd have invented the replicator, because i said i would... there. it's done. i get all credit for it now since i said i was going to do it, just as i would get full credit for mudering someone if i simply said, "i'm going to do it." without actually doing anything ...

precrime is alive and well... people, today, can just gang up and say that you said something and then you can be jailed for it. which is why we originally HAD freedom of speech and due process... keyword, had.

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