Comment: I've given you the definition of "Anarchist" many times.

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I've given you the definition of "Anarchist" many times.

"So if I am to understand you "People of who are incapable of honesty with themselves, people who are immoral(") thats (is) the definition of Anarchist as you label this group of individuals."

I've given you Anarchists the definition of "Anarchist" many times. Attempting to deny that words have meaning and that you aren't the walking embodiment of that definition is what makes you a dishonest person. Lying to your self and others is what makes you a dishonest person.

"The very term anarchist would lead me to believe these type of people would not group up, seems they are against ganging up if they exist as a group?"

What you believe doesn't matter, because you lie to yourself and deny objective reality.

Tell me about how you're going to oppose injustice when other people gang up on you and try to take your liberty? As I've said many times, Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty because they don't know what causes people to take each others liberty, mans covetous nature, nor will they defend liberty with force; serve justice.

If I ask an Anarchist about their version of justice, they'll quickly transition OUT of your current lie; "that Anarchists won't group up", into telling me about how they're going to group up and use free market security solutions (collective violence and goon squads) to keep the peace and defend liberty (ROFL).

"So anyone who opposes being submissive to dictates of governments are dishonist(lol) and immoral?"

No, but Anarchists are dishonest and immoral people.

"Would someone that is submissive to groups, gangs, governments that they agree with and give voluntary consent to, but say they do not to majority rule when they are in the minority, still be considered by you to be immoral anarchists?"

No. I'm saying YOU are an immoral Anarchist who's incapable of being truthful or putting together a cogent defense for Anarchy. I'm saying that when you ask an Anarchist what they want to create to defend liberty, they become stuttering liars who go on the attack spewing out nonsense and calling people retards and sheep.

"By the way I do not join gangs and I am offended when somone wants to put some kind of label on me"

You already have Anarchist, but you know your gang is too small to destroy a Constitutional Republic. (/psst it ALWAYS will be.)