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"I'll assume I know what you were trying to say, and respond


Instead of doing the stupid thing how about for a change ask.

"If someone is "in the act" of committing a murder, what is the difference between using a rifle, or a drone to stop the murderer? Nothing."

Wrong as usual.. Ever been shot at by a hellfire missle? The potential for damage and death are exponentially increased.

That was your second moronic mistake.. Here's another..

Do you condone giving hellfires to local police departments? If not then who will run them? The military? Do you understand why that was forbidden? Do you know why the Founding Fathers saw it as a threat to Liberty to have a military force patrolling our streets? Do you really want to live in a country that has 30,000 drones flying over, not knowing if you, your kids, your mother, father, best friend, wife, you or your neighbor is standing next to, is having a conversation with a "suspected" terrorist?

If you're able to dismiss those things as "nothing, you either have serious problems working things out to their natural logical conclusions or you're one of those government internet trolls working to steer things in other directions.

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