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"I am an Anarchist who wants a catastrophic breakdown of society

"I am an Anarchist... I am also a realist and understand a society based on pure volunteerism(lol) is not going to happen anytime soon short of some catastrophic break down of society and even then who knows what will emerge to take the place of the current society."

That about sums you up: "I am an Anarchist who wants a catastrophic breakdown of society."

Couldn't of said it better myself. Like I said, I appreciate Anarchists who can at least be honest with themselves.

After your catastrophic breakdown, what replaces one society is not Anarchism or voluntarism, it's another society fit for people like you, destroyers who want catastrophic breakdowns. Justice will be served. You'll get the leaders you deserve, and there's nothing you'll be able to do to stop it except to dream about catastrophic destruction.

"In the mean time I would be for a return to the constitution and the republic"

Then don't call yourself an Anarchist. Call yourself what you are, a Republican. Join the real world. We're all waiting for you and cheering you on. We need help with these covetous people. I'm not an Anarchy leaning Republican. I'm a Libertarian, and as of now Anarchy won't create a society filled with liberty. It would create a playground for mans covetous nature, and if you understand what it is to covet, you know mans covetous nature leads to one thing; injustice. It leads to taking liberty by force.

"So your accusation that we are liars etc. is false as this thread and this post proves."

Then stop lying and stop starting threads like "epic fail". There's no fail here. Even at the DP, an Anarchists snake oil just doesn't really sell.

"Here is a hint lumping people under one label as all the same and falsely calling them liars etc."

Like I said, don't blame me that you're an Anarchist. I didn't make you choose Anarchism. It's not my word nor did I write the definition of what an Anarchist is. Anarchists need violence because they can't win the debate, and most fully reject the idea that the answer lies within debate or politics, because they can win in neither.

There's a VERY good reason that you can't find any representatives who call themselves Anarchists, although I'm sure some of them (from both camps), like you, long for a catastrophic breakdown of society.