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That's right - & I'll duplicate my reply to another member here:

"So now let me get this straight; You would blindly hand out a firearm to ANY American regardless of mental capacity, correct? After all, NO WHERE in the 2nd Amendment did it say anything about NOT giving a weapon to a completely blind, completely armless, or mentally disabled person right? I guess by your better judgement you would have also done exactly what got Chris Kyle killed as well. I won't even mention the school killings."

FOR THE RECORD - I DON'T AGREE WITH GUN LAWS. As a matter of fact, I have NO PROBLEM with a felon owning a gun SURPRISE! But as a comparison, I DO have a problem with giving a blind person a drivers license and putting them behind the wheel. I would also not hand a 5 year old child a firearm without first making sure they could handle it.

Please find in the constitution that I can or can't do the above.

Just because it's not in the Constitution doesn't mean I'm going to hand a firearm over to someone that can not safely handle it and shows signs of violent intent. Just like I wouldn't outlaw matches, but I sure as hell don't agree in giving a box of matches to a pyromaniac.

Instead of cherry picking one phrase that I said which has already proven to cost innocent lives, why don't you look at everything else I've written and see the "logic" in it? From YOUR "logic", I bet you have no problem with people driving while intoxicated either, huh?

Funny how you start your reply with "Listen" when you can't even do that yourself.