Comment: Wow falsely characterize Much Do Ya?

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Wow falsely characterize Much Do Ya?

Wow falsely characterize and troll much do ya? I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but as I suspected it is clear you are nothing but a mentally challenged troll with an agenda and not very good at it either.

Yeah I am hoping for the breakdown of society... Sigh! What an idiotic statement!

Gee taking my comments out of context and then lying about them and then accusing me of lying is so genius wow nobody will ever notice...Sigh /sarcasm

Oh yeah you convinced me I should join you in the republicans...Sigh! Why would I want to join you in a group of a bunch of lying sniveling assholes who give lip service to the constitution while they shred it?... Yeah the republicans are for the constitution... Right thanks for the hardy laugh!

And you're no libertarian!

You should study some history (I won't hold my breath) instead of repeating false propaganda and definitions about Anarchist societies as they have done quite well in history without all the trappings of what we know as the state contrary to your false characterizations.

Thank god for free speech so we know who all the idiots and assholes are...

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