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Comment: Well? I admire his tenacity. Somewhat bemused by his tact.

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Well? I admire his tenacity. Somewhat bemused by his tact.

Well? [Cock head to the left] Did I say that already? There seems no succinct answer. I best not drone on whilst I accuse E Holder of that affliction.

Senator Dr Rand Paul has my support. No matter what is said or done, there will be many flips & turns of every phrase he makes. Most flips & turns will be made by critics. We are fortunate that Senator Paul is getting to limelight now. He is on stage. He will not be referred to as "Rand the Great" anytime soon. Perhaps never. Most "The Great" suffixes at attached to Imperial Conquest. Cyrus "The Great" & son Darius "The Great"... Phillip "The Great" & son Alexander "The Great."

As dynasties of "The Great" ones develop, folks must suffer. "The Great" Deprecation was a prefix to what was sure to come... The Great War. The Great Society... Imperial grabs, one & all. Simplified, a winner take all. What is referred to in the "Free Press" as "Developed Nations," is more of the same. Some greater than others.

In one of the latter responses to drone questions, Holder, Attorney in Chief, retorted about a strike on "Grand Central Station" (or was it Times Square?). Perhaps mixing gun (long gun?) control with drone (Hell Fire Missile?) control. It is all so absurd.

Rand Paul sought to draw attention to the absurdity without his many opponents suspecting the absurdity would take center stage. Rand up-staged the rapscallions!

Now Rand's opponents are busy slicing & dicing. Most of their bad scripting lands on the cutting room floor.

Yes, you astutely recognize the debate is forming around troubled waters. Right now, Rand on on stage in a big tent. He is getting applause.

Rand has much better script writers & some of the very best wise elders. Rand is a brilliant messenger. His light is shinning. Let us continue to wish him well.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul