Comment: This is almost too easy

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This is almost too easy

Pyromaniacs are labeled as such because they have a history of burning things. The vets they are trying to label as mentally ill have no such history as a criminal.

And yes, I think people should be allowed to drink and drive. Millions do it every day, literally. There is no crime without a victim. Someone that had a beer with dinner then drives home is not committing a crime.

There are plenty of 5 year olds that can responsibly handle a firearm, maybe not in your neck of the woods. It is the responsibility of the parents to handle that issue, not the government. Same as it is the responsibility of an adult to handle a firearm properly. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Lots of drugs are illegal, but people still do it.

You said:
"Just because it's not in the Constitution doesn't mean I'm going to hand a firearm over to someone that can not safely handle it and shows signs of violent intent."

And who deems that person to be incapable of safely handling a firearm? The government? You? Who is going to define violent intent? Government will not do these things properly, nor efficiently. If a person decides to unlawfully use their firearm in an act of violence, here in Texas there's plenty of others around to put a stop to it with their own firearm. You cannot prevent crime, you can only react to it.

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