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The government forces your

The government forces your employer to take taxes out of your paycheck. A single company will never have the power to force every other company to withhold money out of your paycheck. Therefore, whatever money they would collect would be voluntarily given to them from you; or, every company would have to have coluded to steal money from everybody to purpatrate this act. Without money from millions of people they would never be able to sustain a large enough organization to supress the individuals. Plus, even if all of the companies coluded, how many people do you think would quit their jobs if the company which they worked for, was taking money out of their paycheck without permission?

The funding for such a quasi-government is huge, and the only way it is even remotely paid for is by taking money from millions of people. Companies have no mechanism to do such a thing, and therefore, it becomes impossible for a company-government to emerge.