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That's my point Rand is

That's my point Rand is better at communicating to the majorities where as Ron went right over their heads. It is not to say Rand is better then Ron in his ideals and principles but that he is better at reaching the masses on their level...

It rubs us the wrong way because Ron purely stuck to his principles and the people who could not understand him rejected him and where susceptible to the media propaganda because of it.

Rand picks his words very carefully and to us it is compromising but results are damn had to argue with and he is winning people over Ron never had a chance with... Our fears are that he is selling us purists out. However we can't do any worse then what we got so why not give him a chance to see if he is for real?

Like I said I still have my concerns about Rand however who the hell else up there is anywhere close to him?

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