Comment: Thank you for your help sir,

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Thank you for your help sir,

I will keep your words in mind. Meanwhile, I think it important to know that they, all of them, are agreeing that it is OK to drop hellfire missiles on American soil as long as a combatant is present and people are happy about it.

I listened to Mr. O'fallen's Shifting Paradigm show, someone called in and said it is time to join the militia. Mr. O'fallen also said that the Missouri government has been taken over by criminals in so many words because no one is stopping the illegal database retainment of private documents by the DOR.

If the government is full of criminals, just who are the victims?

What happens when the criminals have the OK to use drones?

I do hope that you are right about Mr. Rand. I do want to trust someone and believe that someone is taking up for the American people.

Thank you for your time in sending those words of assurance to me.