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Comment: Humans have all of those

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Humans have all of those

Humans have all of those traits due to millions of years of evolutionary strings being pulled on thought, correct? The gas clouds, stars and darkness throughout the universe played the most important role in creating little ole' you, right? For without those things, we would not be here.

I personally can't grasp the need for the term "God". I see everything and how it is. I understand that my my perspective on this is due to my specific place in space in time. 50,000+ years ago there was a far smaller need for a "God" figure to exist. The earth flourished and our ancestors and friends populated. The earth was a big happy family.

The Christian "God" did not give human beings love and hate. Human beings coined the term based off of emotional feelings. These "feelings" are only made possible due to reactionary processes that were set off eons ago. This is what we should be giving thanks to for our spot in the present moment. It doesn't take the Bible to know this nor any other religious text.

Personally I feel the term God has been misconstrued and the majority have this feeling inside that there is an actual being that picks and chooses religious ideas that humans have created. That "God" communicated with humans 2000 years ago.. then up until this day to make accurate revisions to various versions of the bible.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson