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I'm not saying the Bible is

I'm not saying the Bible is fictitious in it's entirety. Simply in the arrogant nature they portray when trying to define how we got here, what our purpose is on Earth, and what happens to us when we die. The idea of Hell and Heaven seems very archaic. As time goes on the Christian God will fade into the distance as Athena and Zeus did. The good morals Jesus taught were thought before he came about. He had a revolutionary mind you could say but was he God himself? Not in the way he described it. You could argue Jesus had a revolutionary mind and had a strong urge to spread the "truth" as he saw it. For if he was born in an African tribe at the time, his "truth" would be completely different.

The idea of philosophic thought and religion was only made possible after the human brain tripled in size, specifically the neocortex part of the brain which is based off of the social complexity of our species. This allowed the brain to start reasoning and taking a guess at our role on Earth, not to mention the idea of a "God" figure at all.

How things unravel is a mystery, I think we can all agree on that. However, to take stabs in the dark at the most pondered about questions human beings have is a mistake.

In Caesar's case, he wasn't writing an objective history for Posterity. His books were advertisements for his greatness, so he could continue holding power. So take take that into consideration.

There are are billions of conversations going on right now about what recent events and what the actual 100% truth of the matter is. Every aspect of history is a weighting game. Usually more weight is given to the more contemporary account rather than the older ones. However, the more contemporary accounts are typically full of inaccurate and skewed by imperfect information. I won't even go into how gullible humans can be.. especially if you take into account our state of mind 2,000 years ago in relation to our understanding of the Earth/Universe.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson