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Comment: You are confusing knowledge with faith.

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You are confusing knowledge with faith.

Embrace yoru faith if it is important to you, but knowledge is NOT faith. Faith is NOT knowledge.

And where you are going when you die is the EXACT SAME PLACE EVERYONE ELSE GOES. Here's the kicker - no one knows where that is. That is where most humans trip up... they want to know, someone gives them an answer and ANY answer is better than not knowing... unless you care about truth. The truth is, you will know soon enough. For now, enjoy this miraculous little adventure called "life."
Do you think a baby in the womb wants to know what life will be like? Do you think there is any way to explain to that baby what life will be like? The baby does not know "blue" from "salty." You have no common frame of reference to communicate with the baby. That is how it is with Russell Means and Aaron Russo, my parents and grandparents. They would come back and tell us if they could, but whatever is "over there" is beyond our ability to know. Unknowable. You can either learn to get comfortable with unknowable concepts, or you can take a leap of faith. I do not care for faith, I try to use it only when forced to, but I know many people think faith is more valuable than truth, especially since truth often comes in "I don't know" flavors.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.