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Comment: You say no one knows where

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You say no one knows where

You say no one knows where they go when they die. Yet, from my experience I've seen a variety of species, large and small, die and rest upon the ground. Some have their innards and bones chewed up by hungry by scavengers, leaving the remains as nutrients for the soil.. or a nice artifact for future humans to find. We have just recently (in the large scale of time) developed the idea of dressing up the dead in cloths, makeup and enclosed tombs/coffins. I suppose there's also the small chance my dead body is taken up in a spaceship and placed on the moon.

I'm quite comfortable with that reality. A footprint of my being will be left behind in some way or another. I can live my life just as compassionate, helpful and giving as the most devout Christian without bringing faith into the conversation.

We can observe the distant galaxies moving further away from us. We can observe our planet moving towards the sun as it rotates the sun. We can observe it's reasonable to wipe our behind after we defecate. No faith is needed for any of this, only objective reasoning.

You say "what is over there is beyond our ability to know." 2,000 years ago people said the same thing about parts of our universe and how we came about. In short, they gave up searching and parted ways with reason and settled on an omnipotent being to explain things in simple terms.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson