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"The Bible is fictitious because MUCH of it was parable to begin with. Then it got handed down through oral histories before anyone wrote anything down. Then it got scattered into caves. Then it got re-written, a couple times, by "religious leaders" who were VERY much a part of politics back then."

----The Dead Sea Scrolls contain the entire Old Testament except for one book, and the scrolls are dated between 350-250 BC. This dating puts the writing om the scrolls to around the dating of when the events and writing of the last book of The Old Testament were believed to be written. So no there was not some massive time lag and handed down oral tradition from the last book of the Bible actually happening to it being recorded. In Fact the scrolls which were a re-writing of the recently completed whole Old Testament were not made by "religious leaders" as you claim, but an outcast sect that moved away from the city.