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I doubt it.

"I'm not saying the Bible is fictitious in it's entirety. Simply in the arrogant nature they portray when trying to define how we got here, what our purpose is on Earth, and what happens to us when we die. The idea of Hell and Heaven seems very archaic. As time goes on the Christian God will fade into the distance as Athena and Zeus "

I doubt it, here we are 2,000 years since pagan Romans and Greeks worshiped them and yet you will be hard pressed to find a church of Zeus. The truth is as time has gone on the evidence has only gotten stronger for the Judea-Christian view of the world. Physics has come to agree with the Judeao-Christians on the fact of an actual beginning rather than some steady state theory or eternal universe. Interesting that only the Jews in the Ancient world had a concept of life as linear time and not some grand circle. You should read " The Gift of The Jews" by Thomas Cahill.