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oh boy, creationism

The difference between us is that you for some reason need a supernatural entity breathing down your neck and leading you around by the nose for you to do good works--I can discern this because you don't seem to expect that others are capable of it without such pressure.

You call it moral relativism when I base what I believe on my own personal logic, all the while your ostensibly absolutist morals were merely passed down to you through generations of papal bureaucracy and theocratic (despotic) arbitrarity. A sad facsimile molded by the ruling class of every generation.

DO NOT keep their word
They don't keep their word because.. they don't believe in the god you do? Would it blow you away were I to tell you how Christians lie, cheat and steal every single day?

For example--you speak highly of Mosaic Law, but what about not suffering a witch to live? What about stoning your children when they disobey you? What about selling your enemies into slavery?

Countless generations of Christians have passed down a view of the old testament that discards sets of morals at whimsy when they are no longer relevant to the present culture. So, compared to the original set of morals, those you received from your family are equally shoddy from hundreds of generations of people picking and choosing what they think god prizes most.

You can believe in true liberty, but you would NEVER give it to another if he offended your belief system
You're essentially telling me "Slavery would be OK if not for God". I'm telling you that an immortal being doesn't have to put slavery on the no-no list for it to be bad. That's your own mind's construction, not the fabric of the universion. The Yahweh was a real prick about slavery, anyway--

and even if they were all Christian, their christianity is not the defining feature of their principles; certainly not what we celebrate about them today.

Many (if not most) of the founders were Deists, not Christians. Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli (June 7, 1797). Article 11 states:
“The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”

If anything it was the enlightenment beyond the stanglehold of a state-endorsed dogma that allowed them such clarity. Christianity was by no means the defining feature of our founders' work.

The evolution thing is a whole 'nother ballgame. I can't expect that you've been keeping up with biology news (doesn't seem your preference) but the discoveries in that field over the last decade have either been made possible only through evolutionary theory
or vindicated it further still. A few years ago they re-evolved a species of butterfly from two probable ancestors. Toyota has been breeding a new species of flower to regulate humidity and temperature around warehouses. These are things Creation Science will never achieve because it's based on fluff.

Just recently I learned of the Trivers-Willard hypothesis. It's fascinating. Go look it up. Creation "science" doesn't have such revelatory material. There are no creation "scientists" producing works valuable to society. They're more concerned with futily fighting evolution.

you secular humanist, progressive, evolution-spewing, Godless professing libertarians
"progressive libertarians"? That's a new one on me, man.

Did you want to waste our time going through Cenk's support for things that God hates
No, but I would appreciate it were you to acknowledge that you were dead wrong on TYT loving Obama.

refutes your claim that we're morons!
I never said this, but if you want my full respect, I'd like to see you do good works without the promise of a brownie in the sky when you die.

No one needs a god to be a principled individual. Your god will generally feel and believe just as you do, and you will defend him and his whims as if he were your self.. because he IS you. On top of that, he's different than the god of other Christians--they all prize different things about the world, and think the world should be this and that way.. gods are a function of belief/culture, and no two people believe exactly the same.

That's not to say you can't tap into your god through prayer and meditation.

BTW, using the biblical phrasing (mostly John), wouldn't you be one of the sheep (lord's flock) in this dialogue...?do think you're morons, it's more because morality