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probably neither

although it does look funny when on one interview he says that he considered using a catheter and in another he says he didn't plan on filibustering and didn't even have his comfortable shoes on. I expect he planned on it but not necessarily that particular moment.

It was also reported in the news before Rand's filibuster that Senator Wyden was threatening to filibuster the Brennan appointment. So, I had expected that my Senator was going to filibuster and that would have been a big deal since he is a Dem. He did take part in Rand's filibuster though and talked for over 20 ask a "question" and presumably to give Rand a break. In his talk he revealed that he did receive the documents about the drone program he had been after for a LONG time. And he seemed relatively satisfied with the answer that they would only kill people here under extreme circumstances. Then asked why Rand wasn't satisfied. Rand gave a good answer and Wyden said he made good points. Heck they might have scripted the whole thing.

So, anyway, this filibuster was planned. Rand could have backed down and said the answer was good enough but he didn't. I am glad he didn't because it brought some of this to the average person who was not paying any attention. But I do think one reason he didn't is because he does have political aspirations.