Comment: Not a good quiz- don't link 9/11 to US decisions.

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Not a good quiz- don't link 9/11 to US decisions.

It's funny how I can understand the parent's outrage and also agree with the quiz. I think linking the horror of 9/11 with the need to respect other people is a mistake. It's true that people might not accept our flawed foreign policy if we had more respect for people that are different. But people don't even know what our country is doing in other countries. Why not teach that instead? Our foreign intervention is horrible enough to justify an attack, but not against civilians.

More importantly, I believe 9/11 was staged, the towers being brought down by a controlled demolition, orchestrated by people in our government. So saying our foreign policy contributed isn't true in this case.

The American people are lied to. The parent doesn't know enough about our corrupt government and foreign policy for the quiz to make sense. I believe teaching kids about 9/11 is useless until the truth is fully exposed. It shouldn't be discussed in school. If they must discuss it, just say what happened without the commentary.