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That's where you fail the test..

Rand's "conversation" has began at "It's okay to use drones on US soil if (this) happens" when the correct starting point should have been "NO DRONES ON US SOIL SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED". It should have been a loud and clear stance against bombing inside the country by the military because that IS what we're talking about.

So, the fact that these filthy ass neocon water carriers are backing Rands play is totally unimpressive and even dangerous.

On the conversation.. Is that really how you want to start? 30,000 drones to be flying over the US by 2030 who knows how many armed with hellfire missles controlled by the government taking out robbers and potential BOMBERS (you know.. the guys who have explosives strapped their bodies) being lit up in a crowded Times Square..

You're willingly walking down the path of totalitarianism cheering these people on... it's pretty sickening.

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