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this is very misleading. Do

this is very misleading. Do you have proof that the company is training them to explicitly lie about their ingredients or are you just venting? I have multiple friends who work for whole foods and I have heard that they train their employees to be knowledgeable about such things but not one employee can possible know if each and every product has GMOs or not so having labels is a great way to be honest and transparent to their customers without them getting mad for finding out that they had some 18 year old worker tell them false information. I have watched that video of employees telling customers different things about their GMO policy but just because some employees give false information doesn't mean that they are getting orders to lie....that is just stretching it. People are humans which means they are prone to make mistakes, even in the workplace.

Their is not a conspiracy about every corner!!!

You go Wholefoods!!!

- Brennan