Comment: She deleted my question with no response...

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She deleted my question with no response...

So I posted this:

"Clearly the school district is wrong for this blatant propaganda, but the question I asked that was deleted was, "what are the correct answers to #3 and #5 in the opinion of the original poster and others?"

I'm not siding with the school district. I'm from Flour Bluff. I graduated in 1999. And I'm a very fiscally conservative and libertarian, so please don't think I'm defending the content of this quiz. I watched several hours of Rands filibuster. I was a Republican delegate to the Texas State Convention in 2008 and 2012. I was even a volunteer at the RNC in Tampa.

I merely want to understand what you feel the answers are to #3 and #5. Sorry if my comment is not well taken by the original poster."

Please don't be mean or make rude comments. I just read some other things on her page! Rands speech really did work!

"Thank you, Senator Rand Paul, for defending our civil liberties. I'm a bit shocked that more Republicans & Democrats haven't joined his 7 hour long filibuster. I thought for sure they would be against President Obama killing American citizens on American soil at will and without due process. These are scary times - God help us."

"I'm beginning to rethink my position on the Patriot Act as well."

"11 hours. This is pretty amazing."

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!