Comment: So you want privately funded goon squads aye Anarchist?

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So you want privately funded goon squads aye Anarchist?

"I prefer to decide what my fair share is and whether the cause is for actually for liberty and not some unjust war of opportunity for evil interests rather then have some group of thugs claim they have false authority to steal from me in the name of preserving liberty while they trample mine in the very act."

Who are you going to pay to buy the collective violence you seek? So you want privately funded goon squads and a society fighting over who can pay for the most violence? You want to talk to me about false authority?

The government justly has the authority to tax you. Do you think you have your own country or something? That's right, you WANT both your own country and government, but you aren't willing to fight for one, and need to try and imagine you can destroy mine and build on the ashes. There are about 7 billion people on this planet, and it's getting pretty crowded. There's a VERY good reason Anarchists don't have their own country, because they're easily defeated, and aren't fit for power.

You want to be able to build a private government built on voluntary incorporation, and I don't trust you to do that. If you tried, I would retake what you unjustly think is yours and what you could only get through "a catastrophic collapse of society".

I would reclaim what you tried to lord over with your wallet. You'd only have it for an instant and for the same reason you knew it would require "a catastrophic collapse of society" for you to get in the first place.

You buying goons and privilege in a free market of violence isn't going to work for me or anybody else, and until you pick up your gun and try to get it, my government will continue to tax you. If you don't like that, leave.

Illegitimate? No. I say you buying collective violence in a free market to serve what you think is justice is illegitimate. It's an insult to legitimacy. What you want to build gets run over and destroyed for the same reason you can't create it without a catastrophic collapse.

"Another ridiculous false argument and assumptions. It of course falsely Assumes Anarchists are hermits of some sort that want no contact with others and then ridiculously asserts that in order to join the human race one must submit to the false authority of some gang of thugs labled government and that anarchist cannot work together to protect rights or fight a common enemy or produce products and services etc. Ah the joys of listening to someone regurgitate their programing and actually think it is their own independent thoughts... Sigh!"

Well, I suppose you could climb down out of the tree and run to your Anarchist utopia? Oops. Can't find one? I guess you'll have to just join the rest of us, and unless you're willing to pick up a gun and create that pile of rubble you need, that won't be changing anytime soon.

So you're going to work together with other Anarchists creating something that can fight off a Nation State that sees you as illegitimate and ripe for the taking? I doubt it. Anarchists are loners and sovereigns who hate the people around them. I'm a retard remember, and I'm a Libertarian... I can only imagine how much you hate all the Democrats and Republicans. Even in Anarchy, you'll STILL see your neighbors as retards and sheep. Anarchy won't magically create new people to replace the old ones. I say you'll still be a hermit who condemns forming any collective. If you did form a collective, that would make you a phony right?

"Here is a couple questions for you to think about (but don't hurt yourself) What rights or powers does the state have that individuals do not?"

A government can initiate collective force against you and the only legitimate purpose of government force is to serve justice, and justice is IMPOSED upon immoral men like you. Nobody ever wants to face justice, but justice will always be served whether in this life or after. What they have is what you covet; power, and it's what you're unfit to wield. You aren't fit to freely buy power.

"Again your whole argument is based on a false assumption that Anarchist cannot work together to protect their liberty or repel a common enemy without claiming false authority over others."

That's not an answer and you know it. So you're going to create an Army aye? How big will your new nation be? Will there be a draft or will all the Anarchists just turn tail and run? I can't imagine any of you cooperating or picking up a gun to defend your country or your property. You reject the very idea. Do you think your army of Anarchists is going to fend off a Nation State of people who know they have the right to what you think is yours?

Like I've said many times; Freedom, liberty and their common defense is an idea Anarchists ridicule, but now you're going to try and do just that? I don't think so. My money says that all you Anarchists run for the hills, so that's what I'll spend "my share" on, taking what you never had a right to. I'll retake what you only got your hands on through a catastrophic collapse of society.

I'll call it Operation Snake Hunt.

"If I and some of my neighbors shoot you for trying to take our stuff that does not make us a state or any less volunteerist. We can voluntarily chose to shoot your ass since you are our mutual enemy. We can even have a voluntary agreement to shoot anyone who tries to take our stuff. That does not make us a state claiming false authority over others."

You and your neighbors are going to shoot my ass aye? No... I don't think so. Your plan is to use civilians to fight soldiers in a modern war of aggression? You and your neighbors will be refugees. The only asses ripe for shooting would be yours while you run for your life.

"Wow you are a real piece of work...Sigh! You've got it backward by rejecting your idiocy I am rejecting injustice! Giving some arbitrary group a monopoly on force just because you label them government is anything but equality and justice as we see every day now with government."

No, you're saying that you have no idea where injustice comes from. There is nothing arbitrary about the government. People fought and died to be free of Anarchists and destroyers like you. You calling government arbitrary just reinforces that what you really want is power. There's no monopoly on force. You can defend yourself. You just can't get your gangland government going because there's something justly stopping you, and your only hope is to call it arbitrary.

You didn't even address the point I made. In a free market of violence, the people who pay will expect privilege for their money. They won't want to pay your way through the world anymore than you want to have to pay for somebody else. They'll call it theft and taxation to have to pay to protect YOUR rights.

Freedom, liberty, and their common defense, and you don't want to be a part of that. I say you want to buy privilege in a free market of violence, and the reason you want that comes through in the way you pepper your comments with "idiot" and "retard".

I say you're and Anarchist destroyer and that justice should be served on the lot of ya.