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I appreciate your input

...if not the apparent appeals to absolutism.

Would that be Socratic irony? Ha. Was Socrates real, or merely that which the weakling Plato wished he had been able to become (i.e. a fearless seeker of truth even when facing execution)? I figure Plato was a lot like Marx: too clever by half, plus a hedonistic sponger who compensated for pangs of spongy guilt by submersing into Political Economy meta-fantasy (likely patronized as well by nudge nudge wink winks from the lines of the pretend dragon-bloods -- if you get my drift).

The Socratic/Platonic concept of the soul was a mental exercise tool, and "end of the soul equals life" stuff represents a kind of yin-yang assertion (I myself postulate that zero and infinity are the same number). Also, and to be brief & opinionated with a subject that actually does appear to be unknowable to the imperfect, "their" subjective concept of unknowable justice has inspired oodles of self-professed philosopher kings to claim an "ethical relativism exception" which magically (remember that word: magic) justifies their actions. You know, for the good of the so-called little people who are then "granted" all sorts of biased education and junk. In short, it has been used consistently as a generalized and grasping recipe for totalitarianism and slavery -- and the NWO appears to be a philosopher king wet dream.

It is, as you say, precisely because mankind is imperfect that a republic of one is impossible (the "sovereign individual" or "freeman on the land"). I am hip to the semantic jugglings of kingdoms and city states, to the pretense and the pageantry of certain cryptic pillows, and I grasp that no conceivable form of governance is justifiable while mankind remains imperfect. Only anarchy will suffice, all else I declare to be fraud.

Did you study this stuff in university? If so, consider unlearning that and starting over with Ancient Mysteries and ley lines and the aleph-bet and the trivium and the quadrivium. I can recommend Marshall McLuhan's book on the trivium.